Discover our land in every part.


Our house is located in a one of a kind area, a stone’s throw away from gems of our territory.

We are 100 meters from Tenno Lake, 1 kilometer from the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, 10 minutes by car from the waterfalls of Varone and 15 minutes from Garda Lake.

Every corner, all around us, is a little paradise.


One of a kind, this little natural diamond, leave an unforgettable mark in the heart of all the visitors. The Tenno Lake is magical all over the year, spreading peace and calm with his colors and landscapes permanent changing. During the summer it becomes the natural swimming pool of the region, in the other seasons it is the place where you can breathe the nature and find yourself.


Canale di Tenno is a medevial village listed in the association of “the most beautiful villages of Italy” and goes back up to 1211. Today Canale maintains the original urbanistic asset, made by four streets that arrive in the main little square, a lot of stone houses, the museum of art and craft and the “House of Artists”. Canale di Tenno is well known for some festival as “Rustic Middle age”, a festival of different arts that takes place every year at the beginning of august. During the winter, all over December weekends, Christmas market takes place all around the street and the houses of the village.


The Varone Waterfall Tour provides two different observation points and two different settings to admire the spectacular watercourse. The first observation point is the Lower Cave where you can see the last phase of the waterfall. The second observation point, the Upper Cave, is 40 metres further up and from there you can see the full force of the waterfall. The cave and the waterfall are surrounded by a private natural park, a small nature reserve which has been protected thanks to the work of those people who have managed the Varone waterfall over the years, starting from the moment the first infrastructures were built (1874). Today, thanks to the paths, the bridges, the walkways, the handrails and the winding flights of steps, this impressive natural phenomenon can be seen by everyone and they are one of the best attractions in the area of northern Lake Garda.